Hinterkaifeck – Ep. 20

In today’s episode, we will discuss the Hinterkaifeck murders. In a small town in Germany, a family was brutally murdered on their own farm. When locals found them, evidence suggested that the killer had stayed in the house for sometime after the killings, helping themselves to food and even making sure to feed the livestock that lived on the farm.


The murders occurred in 1922 and to this day the identity of the killer remains unknown. Since the time of the events at Hinterkaifeck, many theories (some wild, some not) have been put forward. We will try our best to cover all of these in today’s episode, but ask yourself, what would lead a human being to mutilate an entire family, including an infant, in such a horrible way? What could be the motive for such an act? Or, is there even a motive to speak of?


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