The Shooting of Dimebag Darrell – Ep. 18

In today’s episode, we talk about the death of Dimebag Darrell Abbott and three other people who were tragically gunned down while Abbott performing in the Alrose Villa nightclub in Columbus, Ohio, in 2004. 

Dimebags death would leave many people around the world in horror and awe (especially the metal community). Questions about the safety precautions for the crowd and the musicians’ themselves would arise after the terrible event that ensued 


Dimebag was best known for his prominent role as lead guitarist in the Metal band Pantera and later for his band Damage Plan. People around him would describe him as a loving, determined, and energetic leader that never got a big head about his success and always remained down to earth. Because of this, Abbott was dubbed a man of the people and would even party with the show goers and fans after events, really connecting with his fanbase. 


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