Episode 13 – The Green River Killer

6 bodies were found in the span of 3 months in late 1982, and in
1983, 9 bodies were found. In the course of a year and half, 15 bodies were found, in the course of 2 and a half years, 28 bodies were found.

Just in the 80’s alone, 40 bodies would turn up and be directly linked to a man named Gary Ridgway, who would later become know as The Green River Killer.

Gary killed so many women, that when he was in court, he admitted to losing count. The fact that someone could become so desensitized to murder, and have that much lack of a conscious and caring for other human beings, is the reason that I was so drawn to this case.

How could someone lose count of the amount of people that they are murdering and disposing of, in modern day USA.

He killed so many, that a few of the bodies that were found, are still unidentified to this day. He doesn’t even know who they are, or what they looked like.



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