Episode 11 – Richard Ramirez AKA The Night Stalker

Today, we are talking about one of the most prolific, one of the most publicized, and one of the most ruthless serial killers of all time. This man had knack for killing people with just about any
weapon he could get his hands on, and he often never thought twice about it. He was known to be a satanist, to have drawn pentagrams in the blood of his victims and carved pentagrams into
his victims as well.

Richard Ramirez, also know as The Night Stalker, would sneak into homes late at night, dressed all in black, and kill the residents in the home. Most of the time, if there
was a male in the home, he would kill the male immediately and then proceed onto the female, where he would either rape and then kill her, or if she put up too much resistance, he would
simply kill her.

He would then ransack the place and take anything of value he could find. He showed the upmost cruelty while killing his victims and after he was caught, showed a complete
and total lack of remorse for any and all of his crimes. This is the story of The Night Stalker.

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