Episode 5 – The Mysterious Disappearance of Gary Mathias

Today, Stephan and Kenny talk about the deaths of 4 young men and the very mysterious disappearance of Gary Mathias.

Over 40 years ago, in Northern California, 5 men went to a basketball game. After their team won the game, the men decided to stop and get snacks and sodas, and then drive 70 miles in the opposite direction of home, then drive thousands of feet up a dirt, snowy forest road, exit the vehicle and then wander off. 4 of the men’s bodies were found 4 months later, and Gary Mathias was never seen again.

The circumstances surrounding one of the deaths will shock and puzzle you, and make you want to dig deeper to find out exactly what happened.

Listen in to find out the story of the Mysterious Disappearance of Gary Mathias.

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