Episode 2 – The Death of Caylee Anthony

In this episode, Stephan and Kenny talk about the Death of Caylee Anthony.

In late 2008, this case shocked the state of Florida, and eventually, the entire nation. It revolves around the death of 2 year old Caylee Anthony, and her mother, Casey Anthony, eventual arrest and trial for 1st Degree Murder. Casey was found Not Guilty.

Was this ruling just? Was it sound? Was the jury out of their minds? Did the media fuel a mass fire and barrage of hate towards Casey Anthony, before the trial even began?

Listen and find out!

This episode of Strange Land will be available on SoundCloud, on iTunes and the Apple Podcast app, as well as Google Play, Stitcher Radio, and on our website, http://www.strangelandpod.com

Thanks, and enjoy!





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